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Sadie the Goat Wipes Out

We have a bottle baby (Patch) who has learned to defeat all defenses against him leaving his authorized area and terrorizing the rest of the house. Of course, being a house goat, he fears nothing, and really just wanders around being cute. "The people! The people! I must be with my people!"
This is another one of our recent crop of kids, Sadie the Lady. A snippet from her first visit to the great indoors, where dwelleth the curious dogs and the footing is uncertain.

I Have a Rendezvous with Death

The protagonist of the Bear's novel, Judging Angels, is a death penalty defense lawyer, although the death penalty has nothing to do with the story itself, and our hero does not so much as step into a courtroom. The book begins like this:
It was the day of very last things.

A well-dressed man approaching the street squinted against a morning sun that offered brightness, but not warmth. He knew that today, his old adversary, Death, would collect 150,600 souls and no one would notice. Just like every other day. More or less.   If a tsunami took them all at once, it would be a tragedy. People would question the existence of God. Let an attractive White woman be murdered and she’s she is a celebrity. Someone else dies of colon cancer and nobody cares. George Able held the proper, unsentimental perspective on death. Everybody dies one at a time and in the dark, and that was all. The rest is just selling the news.       You know, he's onto something. Every day we make plans, and ga…

A Bear's Lent: The Perfect Bear

While he wandered disconsolately after Father Corbinian laid upon him the hard burden of no honey for three moons and no ponies forever, the Bear tried to make sense of everything.

He remembered confessing to Father Corbinian whenever he did something really bad. Father would not absolve a Bear, but he would counsel him. Sometimes the Bear would feel very, very bad and get discouraged after, for example, killing more sheep than he could even eat.

And now he had killed a pony. He felt like giving up. Pleasing the Good God was too hard for a Bear. However, Father Corbinian always said the same things when the Bear got discouraged.

"A Bear killed some sheep?" the old man would cry out in mock horror. "How is such a thing possible? Especially for you, Bear! You, my old friend, are the height of perfection of all God's creation! No. It is impossible. I will never believe that you, O Perfect Bear, could ever do anything bad!"

When he had finished his display of sarc…

A Bear's Lent: No Honey for Three Moons and No Ponies Forever

One afternoon, the Bear met Father Corbinian in the woods on the sunset side of the abbey, where the saint liked to spend time alone. However, he also seemed to enjoy frequent visits from his ursine friend. On this particular occasion, the Bear was very pleased with himself, and knew that Father Corbinian would have kind words for him.

The Bear found the old man sitting on a stump, reading a book, his back to the Bear.

"Father," the Bear said excitedly, "Bear saw a fat pony today!"

"Um-hmm," the old man responded.

"Bear wants you to know he didn't kill it!"

"Is that right?" he observed mildly.

"Yes. That is right." The Bear waited for praise, but Father Corbinian just kept reading.

After several minutes, Father Corbinian asked, "Do you think it will rain tomorrow, Bear?"

The Bear wondered if he had heard his good news. "No, Father. Did you hear what Bear said? He didn't eat the fat pony!"

"No," h…

Please Sign the Petition of Secession

Before Mass, the priest announced that everyone should sign the petition at the front of the church. It called for the city (since Bear lives in Zoar, this would be Sodom) to refuse to provide any assistance to federal authorities in relation to the enforcement of immigration laws.

And... he's gone.

The Bear, not the priest.

According to the new "Doctrine of the Graver Sin," the Bear's abrupt departure was sinless, since had he stayed, no doubt far worse would have ensued. Time for the Bear to shake the dust from his paws and find a new pew before which to nail his paw to the floor. Wonder what lucky parish will receive the patronage of the Bear?

These days, the people who refuse to recognize the validity of the last election are just tiresome. The Bear can avoid nearly all of it by simply disengaging, but hates to have their guff shoved down his throat when they believe they have a captive audience.

No, you don't.

Baby Goats from Two Mamas At Once!

A sampling of today's gift from God of four babies. One has been rejected, so we will have another bottle baby to entertain us. Ava denies she had anything to do with the dark goat, accepting only the white one. You have to like the one with the white cap and ears and black face. The top one has already been named Daisy; the bottom one is nameless. Both of these are from Ava, although she has disowned the bottom one. Ava and Blanquette agreed to have them at the very same time this Sunday afternoon..

Thank you for your kind words.

Panda is not happy. It is goatdemonium out there!