Sunday, February 19, 2017

Same God as Islam, Again

Today, assembled Catholics were informed by their priest in the Bear's parish that we worship the same God as Islam.

This is stupefyingly ill-informed. In fact, one could not reach this conclusion in good will. It could only be preached by someone who has abandoned Christ and the Church and the Holy Trinity and replaced it with the idol of interfaith.

How does a Catholic priest get to this point? In this particular case, the priest is a big shot in ecumenism and interfaith. He travels the world for one conference after another. At some point, his identity, whether by pride, or ignorance, or wickedness, or - giving him the benefit of the doubt - error, creeped over the line that separates Catholics from everybody else.

Oh, by the way, there is such a line, and don't let anybody tell you any different. If you find yourself the last Catholic in the world, then be that.

There is a line between Catholics and everybody else. It is a line, not a wall. It is easy to cross, apparently. Priests cross it. Cardinals cross it. Even Popes cross it.

The Bear believes it is more important than ever for Catholics to live in their bubble.

And, if anyone needs to be reminded, Catholics do not worship the same God as Islam. You could not have the vaguest grasp of both religions and think otherwise. Whenever the Bear hears the phrase "three great Abrahamic religions" he reaches for his revolver.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Judging Angels the Movie!

In 120 seconds. It is designed to compel you to purchase the Bear's dubious novel. It features a pretty redhead and a gun. And some other stuff  you might expect a Bear would probably throw in. Enjoy! And linking this once wouldn't kill ya, would it?

Sort of like the opening credits of To Kill a Mockingbird plus the shower scene from Psycho. It actually has more cuts per minute than Hitchcock's famous scene. Math doesn't lie, people.

Bear Sighting

Sorry the Bear has not been around much. Sadly, he has a close family member with cancer. We just got back from a visit in his hospital, in Ohio.

In his spare time, the Bear has been hard at work on a project he expects to unveil in the next day or two. It's a little something special he hopes you'll enjoy, so you might want to check back. If you follow Twitter, you can always get your dose of misfirings of the 450 gram ursine brain that way.

Other than that, there's plinking away at the sequel, working title "Departed for a Season," and actually trying to halfway live up to his Benedictine oblate obligations, at least by sometimes singing his LOTH. The Bear is living proof that you can be a lousy Catholic and still be a Catholic ephemerist.

Judging Angels is about bad Catholics who just don't get much help from the Church, and no longer expect to. They're spiritually on empty, and coasting along on whatever momentum they still have. Some try more than others, but none enough.

The Bear cannot imagine what is left to say about this pope, indeed, if that what the man is. His mission is to set the Catholic Church on Easy Mode, and everything is mercy, and Catholics are only held accountable on liberal social issues, and only some Catholics at that. Mostly evil northerners who used their magical powers to turn South America into an entire continent afloat on a sea of corruption and self-pity.

But what can you expect of a continent that has only one breed of Bear, and a pretty miserable specimen at that?

If the Bear offended anyone with his broad brush stereotyping of South America, well, you shouldn't have given us one Jorge Bergoglio. The Bear holds you ultimately responsible, South America. And your weakling Spectacled Bears who did not handle matters when they had the chance.

Just give the Bear a few days to get back into the groove. He is feeling a nostalgia for the early days of his ephemeris, back when he had five readers and spent a whole day on a piece. The Bear doubts we'll see more long, well-researched articles like on the Bath Township School Massacre. And, frankly, there are more knowledgeable people writing on Pope Francis. The Bear's always been more the color commentary guy, anyway.

He's just sick of Francis. And he assumes you are, too.

But George Martin is five books up on the Bear. Bear must write quickly. It's a race to see who drops dead from an over-eating related disease last.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Oh Bother

You would not believe the stuff that you have to do AFTER you write and sell a book! Bear means, he's not complaining, but he's sorry for not keeping up the ephemeris. He is sure, like, the, erm, Pope, or somebody, has said something.

Today the Bear got finished with the book trailer. Pretty much what you might expect from a clever Bear with a camera and no budget. Paper dolls! But, not just any paper dolls. More like paper dolls lying decapitated in pools of blood. If it gets past Postmaster Hayes, that is.

And if "Garbo Talks!" the Bear goes one better, having managed to get the actual, real-live Red to sit still without killing people long enough for just a few quick cuts. Then she allowed him to briefly video her.

Of course, it's all up to Mr. Thalberg and the studio.

It's not up to the Bear, but if he had to guess, it will be April-May.

But what does he know?